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Hong Kong 25 Largest Law Firms Ranking
Hong Kong 25 Largest Law Firms Ranking

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Hong Kong 25 Largest Law Firms Ranking

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SEO Hong Kong The Best 25 Largest Law Firms Ranking

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List The Top Hong Kong 25 Largest Law Firms Ranking Factors For Lawyers Who Are The Top Law Firms and Best Lawyers In Hong Kong

So you are looking for the Top Hong Kong 25 Largest Law Firms and Lawyers in Hong Kong, and you want to know what are their ranking factors and who are the Top Lawyers in Hong Kong according to Google.

Following on from our commissioned report Top Hong Kong Lawyer The Best Law Firms In Hong Kong we identified the Top Law Firms and the Best Lawyers in Hong Kong together with their ranking factors.

Surprisingly many of the Law Firms who you would expect to be ranking were conspicuously absent.

Here are the Top 10 Ranking results for Law Firms Hong Kong.

CompanyWebsiteKeyword Google RankingFans
Tanner De Wittwww.tannerdewitt.comLaw Firms Hong Kong10272
Haldaneswww.haldanes.comLaw Firms Hong Kong11208
Gallwww.gallhk.comLaw Firms Hong Kong130
Evershedswww.eversheds.comLaw Firms Hong Kong140
Deaconswww.deacons.com.hkLaw Firms Hong Kong17930
Weir & Associateswww.weirandassociates.comLaw Firms Hong Kong190
Jones Daywww.jonesday.comLaw Firms Hong Kong2036,011
Latham & Watkinswww.jonesday.comLaw Firms Hong Kong2148,900
Littlewoodswww.littlewoodshk.comLaw Firms Hong Kong230
Oldham Li & Niwww.oln-law.comLaw Firms Hong Kong240
The Top Law Firms In Hong Kong According To Google These Are The Best Law Firms HK

The research identified the following:

  1. Many of the Law Firms in Hong Kong did not have a website at all
  2. Of the Law Firms that had a website their presence was weak and presentation was of a poor standard
  3. The online competition for the online marketing of Law Firms in Hong Kong was weak
  4. While the demand (search volumes) for Legal Services in Hong Kong was High

The table below is a summary of the findings:

CompanyWebsiteTotal Google PlacementsTotal Google Page 1 Rankings
Tanner De Wittwww.tannerdewitt.com1211
Yip Tse & Tangsee below*178
Robin Bridge & John Liuhttp://www.rbjl.com65
Oldham Li & Niwww.oln-law.com64
Laracy & Cohttp://www.laracyco.com62
Robert Waltershttps://www.robertwalters.com.hk43
Morley Chow Setowww.mcs.com.hk32
Payne Clermontwww.payneclermont.com32
Yu Chan & Yeungwww.yuchanandyeung.com.hk22
Hampton Winter & GlynnHampton Winter & Glynn21
Mayer Brownhttps://www.mayerbrown.com21
ONC Lawyerswww.onc.hk21
Norton Rose Fulbrightwww.nortonrosefulbright.com/hk11
Hastings & Cowww.hastings-hk.com11
Lam Lee & Liwww.lamleelai.com.hk11
DLA Piperhttps://www.dlapiper.com30
Angela Wang & Cowww.angelawangco.com20
David Ravenscrofthttp://drlawyers.com.hk20
Vivien Chan & Cowww.vcclawservices.com10
Lewis Sanderswww.lewissanders.com10
Vidler & Cowww.vidler-co.com10
Pang Kung & Cowww.plaw.hk10
Charltons www.charltonslaw.com10
So Lung & Associateswww.solung.com10
Duff & Phelpswww.duffandphelps.hk10
Timothy Lohhttp://www.timothyloh.com10
Stevenson, Wong & Cohttp://www.sw-hk.com10
Latham & Watkinshttps://www.lw.com10
Fred Kan & Cowww.fredkan.com10
Howse Williams Bowerswww.hwbhk.com10
IP & Healthfieldhttp://ihlaw.com.hk10
Cheng Yeungwww.chengyeung.com.hk10
Jones Daywww.jonesday.com10
Weir & Associateshttp://www.weirandassociates.com10
Hong Kong Law Firms Google Website Rankings - the Law Firms In Hong Kong who were found on the Google Search Engine (Google) within the parameters of the research (the Search Terms). Ranked by the highest Google Page 1 Rankings. Remember if your Law Firm's Website is not on Google Page 1 for the relevant Search Terms, then your potential clients are not going to find your Firm, and they are not going to engage (purchase) your Law Firm's Legal Services and Products. Thar are however going to engage your competitors and purchase their Law Firm's Legal Services and Products. Lawyer In Hong Kong Law Firm Website Attorneys Best Law Firm In Hong Kong Solicitor Bar Association Top Law Firms In Hong Kong Best Law Firms HK

In looking for the the Top Hong Kong 25 Largest Law Firms Ranking Factors For Lawyers in order to identify who are the Top Law Firms and Best Lawyers in Hong Kong according to Google.

The research concluded the following:

“The absence of the Top Law Firms was both astonishing and bewildering given the high search demand for Legal Services in Hong Kong on the Google Search Engine. Many Law Firms simply did not have a website and of those Law Firms that had, the overall standard was low and their presentation very poor. The search presence of the Law Firms in Hong Kong across the Google search engine was also very week and not representative.

These market conditions of a weak supply (presence and presentation of Law Firm websites) and high demand (Legal Services Google search volumes) business environment, presents a tremendous business opportunity for Law Firms”.

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List The Top 25 Largest Law Firms Ranking In Hong Kong

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