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Why Is SEO Important For Your Website (Business)

You will probably agree with us that people today do not search for products and services in the Yellow Pages (YP will stop being printed from January 2019; "Finally Killed Off By The Internet" (Guardian)) or Thompson Local; no they search on the internet either on a desktop computer or increasingly on a mobile phone.

Just ask yourself how you search for information, products and services, were confident that it’s on your smart phone or computer.

And this is exactly how your clients will or will not find you, when they are looking for your products and services.

So if a business cannot be easily found on the internet (mobile phone) when their customers (existing and new) are searching for their products and services, then they will find your competitors and place the business with them instead of with you.

We can help you dominate your business environment on the search engines of Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and Social Media for example Twitter and Facebook.

This will increase your Brand Awareness, Customer Acquisition, Sales, Revenues and Profits.

We are passionate about SEO and helping our clients to achieve Market Domination with their online presence. From Websites to Social Media we help our clients “Crush It” increasing their Brand Awareness, Customer Acquisition, Sales, Revenues and Profits, and we can do the same for your company.

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Off Page SEO Website Optimization SEO Hong Kong

Off-Page SEO Search Engine Optimization

Off-Page SEO Website Optimization

Here at SEO Hong Kong we have earned the reputation of being the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong.

Why, because we offer unrivaled SEO Marketing Plans, Online Reputation Management Solutions, Social Media Marketing, and Website Design Services.

We only focus on achieving Market Domination by bringing businesses to the top of search engines with Advanced Search Engine Optimization Practices, techniques, and strategies. Our Internet Digital Marketing Services allows our clients to dominate their business environments while maximizing their revenue streams.

We work together with you to ensure that your target market can find you, using established proven Search Engine and Social Media Marketing techniques ensuring top rankings so that new business comes to you.

We only offer tailor made affordable SEO solutions based on results, to ensure maximum satisfaction by increasing your business exposure and revenue.

Why Is Off-page SEO So Important?

SEO Hong Kong

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Off-Page SEO Website Optimization

There are many ranking factors that will determine whether your website will rank on page 1 Google. Importantly you do not need to attend to all of them and if you concentrate on the Critical Success Factors (CSF)  – see below – of Website Ranking then you will be successful in ranking your website content so that your customers and potential customers can not only find you your site but can buy your products and services.

These CSF are spread over 3 strategic areas of concern:

  1. Web Design
  2. On-page SEO
  3. Off-page SEO

This guide will only look at off-page SEO as points 1 and 2 have been covered previously – follow the links.

Furthermore your do not need to be 100% correct in attending to the CSF. The facts are that most websites have little to none SEO applied to them so beating the competition in most cases is going to be fairly easy.

The point is attend to the CSF associated with Website Ranking to the best of your ability (without stressing) – take Action or as Nike says “Just Do It” and Facebook “Fail Harder” until you find what works.

What Is Off-Page SEO and Why Is It So Important?

Off-Page SEO is the ongoing SEO process of optimizing your website for Ranking using the CSF involving external entities for example a link from another website.

It’s an ongoing process – from day one with a new website – because of the following:

  1. Google makes almost continual changes to its algorithm which necessitates changes to your off-page SEO activities.
  2. You want to improve your search engine rankings and continued off-page SEO will achieve this.
  3. Your competitors are improving their off-page campaigns and you need to counter their activities.

Now hear us here. It may be ongoing and hard work but it will make your life easier if you follow what you learn in this guide as closely as you can – the CSF. The more off-page CSF SEO your website has the easier it will be to get those page ranking where your existing and potential clients can find you and buy your products and services.

Off-page SEO is the ongoing strategic operational functions of your website. Ignore off-page SEO at your peril.

Off-Page SEO Methodology

 An analogy, off-page SEO is based on the following principles.

  1. How many friends does your website and other online properties have
  2. How important are these friends
  3. Are your friends talking about you (your site, your social media properties, content, products and services)

Let explain:

Here is your website mywebsite.com with no friends.
Off Page SEOAnd here is your website mywebsite.com with 3 friends.

Off Page SEO Optimization

Note: Google regards YouTube, Facebook and Twitter as very important friends and your website must be linked to them as a minimum.

And here is your website mywebsite.com with many friends and friends of friends.

Off Page SEO Hong Kong

Note: your site mywebsite.com only receives incoming links whereas your “Circle of friends” all interlink with each other.

The exception is where you wish to gain “Page authority” by linking an “Anchor text” to another authority site – this is strictly speaking on-page SEO.

Here is another example:

Off Page Search Engine Optimization

So off-page Search Engine Optimization is all about the following:

  1. How many friends do you have (are you relevant – your content)
  2. Who are your friends – collect like-minded friends (relevant to your content)
  3. Are your friends talking about you (your content)
  4. Are you attracting new friends and how quickly (how popular is your content)
  5. Are your friends important (to Google) for example YouTube, Facebook and Twitter

Off-page SEO 

So with Off-page SEO and some would argue just as in life “it’s not about what you know (this is on-page SEO), it’s about who you know, how important are they, and are they talking about you (your content) to their other friends” as demonstrated by their link profiles.

Got it.

Get The SEO Guide – What You Will Find In This On-Page SEO Guide

This is an intermediate guide. You should be familiar with the terminology etc. This Guide is for those that need the latest information, which will give them final that push to get onto page 1 together with our on-page SEO Guide.

What are the main SEO success factors for website ranking What you will find is specific guidelines and techniques for optimizing your site off-page SEO according to the real google rankings.

Website Ranking SEO Search Engine Optimization Critical Success Factors

Off Page SEO Website Optimization By SEO Hong Kong Digital Marketing

SEO Hong Kong are experts at combining SEO Marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Web Marketing, Web Design and Social Media Marketing (Search Engine Marketing (SEM)), so that ALL of your Online Marketing Campaigns are  complementary and just as importantly they support each other in their own individual online rankings.

Combined together therefore, they are formidable at building your Brand Awareness for your Company and its Products and Services, resulting in increased sales and customers for new and repeat sales.

We help you utilize SEO and SEM to get your message out there – to your Target Market – to get more customers.

For all of your On Page SEO Website Optimization and Off-page SEO Website Optimization Hong Kong has the solutions, we have earned the reputation of being the Best SEO Agency in Hong Kong according to the real Google website ranking.

Why don’t you get in touch for further information about how we help people and organizations just like you.

Off Page SEO Website Optimization In Hong Kong by SEO Hong Kong Digital Marketing

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