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SEO Hong Kong Digital Marketing Agency

Here at SEO Hong Kong our Digital Marketing Agency has earned the reputation of being the Best SEO Company in Hong Kong.

Why, because we offer unrivaled SEO Marketing Plans, Online Reputation Management Solutions, Social Media Marketing, and  our in house Website Design Services.

We only focus on achieving Market Domination by bringing businesses to the top of search engines with Advanced Search Engine Optimization Practices, techniques, and strategies. Our Online Internet Digital Marketing Services allows our clients to dominate their business environments while maximizing their revenue streams.

We work together with you to ensure that your target market can find you, using established proven Search Engine and Social Media Marketing techniques ensuring top website rankings so that new business comes to you.

We only offer tailor made affordable SEO solutions based on results, to ensure maximum satisfaction by increasing your business exposure and revenue.

Our Work At SEO Hong Kong Ensures Total Market Domination For Our Clients

SEO Hong Kong

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How To Choose A Digital Marketing Agency In Hong Kong

So you looking for a Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong and you would like some pointers as to how to select the right agency for you and you company.

Choosing the right Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong will be one of the most important decisions that anybody could make on behalf of their business.

With the exponential growth in the importance of Online Digital Marketing for increasing the Brand Awareness, New Customers, retention of Existing Customers resulting in Sales and Profits for companies online.

The choice of the Digital Agency is critical.

Because if your website doesn’t show up on the first page of the Search Engine results primary on Google (and perhaps increasingly so on YouTube)  and currently (2016) secondarily Bing or Yahoo, your potential customers might not even know you exist and your existing customers will not be easily be able to buy from your again over the internet.

Increased visibility over the Search Engines can be crucial to increasing visits to your website and other online properties for example Facebook, which can lead to increased Brand Awareness, Sales and Profits.

For most people and organizations this will necessitate the services of an experienced, reliable, Digital Marketing Consultancy Firm who can carry out your Website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for you.

The environment of the SEO is so complex and subject to rapid changes for example Google updates to their search algorithm that it would be very difficult if not impossible to undertake the work yourself.

Besides you have a company business to take care of (just think of the opportunity cost of undertaking the SEO yourself) no look to outsource this aspect of your business just as might outsource other activities for example you accounting requirements.

10 Essential Questions To Ask When Choosing A Digital Marketing Agency

Show Me Your SEO Client Website Rankings?

This is the first requirement and to some extent (qualification) you can stop here.

You see if a Digital Marketing Agency cannot get page 1 Google website ranking for their own website, and their existing clients. Then it’s a fair assumption that they will not be able to rank your website.

These existing website rankings will show how effective the Digital Marketing Agency is and establish who carried out the work on the SEO marketing campaigns.

This I so important – if not the salient point – that here at SEO Hong Kong we say:

SEO Hong Kong Market Domination

We Only Ask You To Judge Us By Our Results

Results are the name of the game gentlemen, the “Acid Test” of SEO “Website Ranking”, there is no place to hide; a website is either on Page 1 Google or it isn’t.

Can You Guarantee My Website Will Achieve A Page 1 Ranking On Google, Bing and Yahoo?

Lets get this question addressed right away.

The only entity who owns Google is Google and only Google gets to decide who is going to be on page 1 Google and the same is true of every Search Engine for example Bing, Yahoo, YouTube (Google again as they own YouTube).

So if anybody – for example any SEO Agency or Digital Marketing Agency – says that they guarantee to rank your website or any of your online properties on page 1 of any Search Engine then you should not employ then under any circumstances.

It simple isn’t true, they are lying to you, and who wants to work or be associated with liar.

Also nobody has an insider relationship with Google or any other search engine that will get you priority website rankings. Only the Search Engines themselves control how and where a websites will appear in their search results.

How Will You Increase My Website Rankings?

Give a wide birth to Digital Marketing Agencies who will not freely discuss their methods in some degree of detail, as well as estimate of how long it would realistically take to achieve your objectives.

For example make sure their work includes an initial technical review of your website and the marketing environment – see Market Domination Stage 1. The Digital Marketing Agency should provide on page website optimization, a process to make your website as search engine friendly as possible and optimized for your searches so that your customers can find your and purchase your products and services.

Advanced Digital Marketing Agencies will also provide off page website optimization SEO strategies to further aid in the search process by your customers.

Do You Adhere To Search Engines’ Webmaster Guidelines?

You want an Agency who strictly follows Google’s publicly posted webmaster best practices, which specifically prohibit certain practices which if not adhered to could get your site de-indexed from the search engines.

Are You Experienced At Improving Local Search Results?

Show me the money – or in this case show me your rankings.

How do you tel if the Agency is experienced in improving your website’s local search results. As discussed in point 1

You see if a Digital Marketing Agency cannot get page 1 Google website ranking for their own website, and their existing clients. Then it’s a fair assumption that they will not be able to rank your website.

So get the Agency to show you their results as evidence of their experience and skill levels.

Getting your Website Ranking in the top local search engine results is especially important to small and medium businesses (SEMs) trying to attract customers in specific geographical areas for example a certain City.

This could and should include Google Business section of its search results.

Will You Share With Me The Changes You Make To My Site?

Search engine optimization will most likely require a number of changes to your existing web site. It’s important to know exactly what adjustments the Agency plans to make and were, and if any changes require your prior permission.

For example, will the Agency add new title tags to your existing HTML code or modify the existing ones? Will they provide additional copywriting content highlighting your products and services. Also do they plan to redesign all or some of your website navigation or add new pages to your site?

How Do You Measure The Success Of Your SEO Campaigns?

To gauge the success of SEO efforts, you must track exactly how much traffic is being sent to your website and where it is coming from.

A Digital Marketing Agency Consultants should be experienced in using Google Analytics to track any improvement for example in your site’s search engine rankings, the number of links from other websites driving traffic to yours, and the kinds of keywords searchers use to find your site, and much more.

Make sure you ask how often they plan to report these important analytics with you and how they would use the data to continually improve your search engine rankings and website traffic.

How Will We Communicate and How Often?

Digital Marketing Agencies are very busy helping their clients and have differing reporting time frames You need to find an Agency who will report to your regularly for example once a month usually with a written report.

What Are Your Fees and Payment Terms?

 You need to know how much you’ll be charged, of course, and also whether the consultant

Apart from individual Project-based assignments which will be charged on an individual basis.

Due to the work and experience involved in achieving client’s business objectives of increased Brand Awareness, Sales and Profits which comes with a Google page 1 website ranking.

Most digital Marketing Agencies will charge between $2,501 to $5,000 a month, with larger projects costing substantially more.

What Happens When We Part Ways?

When your contract expires or if you terminate it early, you should still maintain ownership of all of the optimized web content you paid the agency to provide.

You also should ask the Agency whether they charge any fees for early contract termination, and if so, to specify the exact amount.

Our Digital Marketing Agency

You can find out more about our services by following the links here – Our Services 

Digital Marketing Services In Hong Kong

Here at SEO Hong Kong we provide our Digital Marketing Services to  wide range of companies and business with diverse marketing environments.

Although this provides us with an interesting variety of work and people to meet and get to know over time. It make no difference to the result that we achieve for our clients.

This is because we will not take you as a client if we cannot help you.

It is true to say that we turn down a lot of work because of this and we do it for two main reasons:

  1. It would be unethical to take your money if we cannot help you
  2. It allows us to concentrate on the people, companies, and business that we can help

This has beneficial consequences firstly we maintain our reputation as the premier SEO Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong and secondly we help more people, companies, and businesses by concentrating on those that we can help; so our clients are also the beneficiaries.

Digital Marketing Agency In Hong Kong

SEO Hong Kong Web Design Services

We Build Beautifully Designed Client Engaging Websites

SEO Hong Kong Market Domination

We Only Ask You To Judge Us By Our Results

Results are the name of the game, the "Acid Test" of SEO "Website Ranking", there is no place to hide; YOUR website is either on Page 1 Google or it isn't.

SEO Hong Kong

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